EU-China DOC Confence and Workshop in Shanghai

November 14, 2014

EU-China DOC Conference and Workshop in Shanghai

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nov. 14-16, 2014

EU-China DOC welcome video, Shanghai Jiaotong University

EU-China DOC flyer Workshop in Shanghai Nov_2014

EU-China DOC Conference and Workshop SJTU Nov. 2014 Program final

EU-China DOC Conference Programbook and Paper Proceedings

Opening Ceremony

SJTU Vice President Prof. Zhen Huang

VUB Rector Opening Speech at EU-China Doc Conference SJTU

Opening speech Melita Kovacevic SJTU

Plenary Session A

Keynote Speech Melita Kovacevic on EUA-CDE

SJTU Doctoral Education Quality Assurance System Yaguang Wang

EU-China DOC Conference Presentation Nov. 2014 SJTU

Plenary Session B

Seppo Hölttä-Changing Models and Functions of the Finnish Doctoral Training System

Vinayagum Chinapah-Quality of Doctoral education the case of Sweden

SWU Zili Zhang-Internet Thinking for PhD in Science and Engineering


Workshop A. Graduate student professional development

Summary Workshop A

Workshop_B Quality assessment of doctoral education in a European Context

Overview Workshop Quality assessment in a European Context Francois – Zinner

PPT Workshop on Quality assessment of doctoral education Francois – Zinner

Research Paper Session A

Wu Wei Doctoral education Leiden University

Yuzhuo Cai & Zheng-Cooperation and quality assurance of European-Chinese doctoral education a case study

Lv Wei-A bucket buffer model of doctoral career options and development in China

Wan Skills Training in Doctoral Education

Research Paper Session B

PKU Shen Wenqin What Chinese Ph.D.s gained from abroad An empirical study of CSC

Heidi Ross-CIE Doctoral Programs

Paul Nieuwenhuysen Scientific information in DE

SCU MU Fei Engineering PhD’s Career Choice

Closing Ceremony

SWU Cui Yanqiang Reform and Quality of Doctoral Education in China

Summary & Closing remarks Dr. Zinner