EU-CHINA DOC Workshop in Beijing

November 26, 2013

EU-CHINA DOC Conference & Workshop on EU-China Dialogue and Cooperation in doctoral education

Peking University, 25-26 November 2013

Tuesday 26 November

EU-CHINA DOC workshops


Session 1. 9.00-9.30 Plenary speech Melita Kovačević, Chair of the EUA-CDE Steering Committee      

The Salzburg Principles as the basis of the reforms for European doctoral education

Session 2. 9.30-12.00 Parallel Workshops A, B, C

(A)     Doctoral Education policies:

-What is the relevance of education for our universities?

(B)     Doctoral Education structures

-How doctoral education is structured in China and in the EU?

(C)     The outcome of doctoral education

-How do we prepare our doctoral candidates for different carriers inside and outside academia?

12.00-13.30 Lunch

Session 3. 13.30-15.00  Plenary meeting: reporting on the findings from the three parallel workshops 

Session 4. 15.30-16.00 Summary and Closing remarks

Melita Kovacevic Plenary Salzburg II_EU China November 2013

UNICA PhD Master Class

Melita Kovacevic Workshop_EU China November 2013

Beijing Recommendations on Structuring Doctoral Education

Workshop C 26.11.2013 Presentation

workshop Presentation PhD Edu structure at University of Vienna

西南大学博士生教育Doctoral Edu at SWU

Doc Edu_at_VUB

VUB Doctoral Schools

Doctorate at University of Vienna

UniVie Orientation Guide for international PhDs

University of Vienna_Navigating your Doctorate

Doctoral Education at SU

Higher education in Sweden, 2013 status report

Doctoral Education at SU for EU-CHINA DOC

Infosheet_doctoral Edu UTA

EM A3 EU-China DOC Presentation 29 Nov. 2013