Project Dissemination Report

May 6, 2015


EU-China DOC Dissemination reports

These reports are based on the outcomes of the EU-China DOC workshops. Findings and recommendations can be used for both European and Chinese stakeholders in doctoral education. Please disseminate as wide as possible in your organisations to all stakeholders who are involved in doctoral education/PhD training.

Publications: Dissemination reports

26 Nov. 2013

EU-China DOC Beijing conference 25-26 Nov.2013 Report

EU-China DOC Beijing Recommendations on Structuring Doctoral Education


9 May 2014

EU-China DOC Brussels Conference & workshop 8-9 May 2014 Report

EU-China DOC Brussels Recommendations on Structuring Doctoral Education


16 Nov. 2014

EU-China DOC Shanghai conference & workshop 14-16 Nov. 2014  Report

EU-China DOC Shanghai workshop Dissemination Report

6 May 2015

EU-China DOC Vienna Workshop May 2015 Report

EU-China DOC Vienna Recommendations for European Supervisors